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World Oceans Day: Lifexplorer in the Antarctic Ocean

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World Oceans Day: Lifexplorer in the Antarctic Ocean

Today, June 8th, we celebrate the World Oceans Day: the engine of our beloved Earth!
The innate bond of human beings with the sea and the oceans has developed in us a dutiful sensitivity towards this important issue, bringing it back in our daily lives: We are constantly looking for products and services that substantially reduce disposal and that above all can open a door to a more sustainable future, increasingly projected towards a circular economy!

Several and significant examples are: the area of finishing wood-based panels based on wood recycling thanks to our Swiss partner sia Abrasives, technologies for the recovery and maintenance of both hardwood floors and resilient floors with the Swedish partner Bona (click here to download Bona complete sustainability report 2020 or download here a short extract) in partnership with Kunzle&Tasin, the repair and restoration of glass surfaces, rather than their replacement with the partner Vetrocare, the use in suction and filtration systems of reduced power, as for HPM Engineering that offers modular and expandable solutions to better meet the different needs, safeguarding the health of operators and the environment... all designed to create the foundations of a future in which we will increasingly reduce the disposal and handling of millions of tons of plastics, one of the key themes for life in the Oceans.

Global climate change, rising sea levels, pollution, dwindling ocean bird populations, biodiversity at risk.. are all factors that emerge, not only on this particular day, but that should be central topics of our days, to protect the environment in which we live and to ensure a better future for humanity and more generally, for our beloved Earth.

In this context the President Alberto Biffignandi of biffignandi spa pursues, with autonomous means, a ten-year project of stages of navigation, observation and testimony of biodiversity thanks to "Lifexplorer" and volunteer crews, in the most remote and extreme areas of the oceans, thus marking the course of our group in this direction.

The phases of the 2022 project foresee the Antarctic navigation in the delicate and wild ecosystem of 2000 km of canals of southern Chile between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, with particular observation of seabirds (click here to see an interesting video of "sir-Ernst" ) and the development, also in these remote areas, of intensive fish farming (read a complete article, click here)


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