A company that has its roots in a clear corporate identity, by dipping to inputs coming from the different characteristics of its component, each innovator in its own reference market and having in common the development of surface treatment innovative technology, tools and complete systems.

Thanks to knoledge, passion , research and business partnerships Biffignandi gruoup can develop, through constant innovation and technological changes, different surface solutions to fulfil market’s needs with products having a clear and identifiable added value.

The Group mission is to improve the world of surfaces using strategies based on the will to combine Tradition and Modernity , being the reference point not only for existing customers but also for the future ones.

In order to succeed in all these goals, Biffignandi relay on teamworking and the strict respect of rules, both based not on the blind obedience but on sharing principles and values to improve the performance and the reputation gained in the past years.

Biffignandi Group company history

The journey of the Biffignandi Group began as far back as 1890, when Achille Biffignandi started the production of carbonated soft drinks, and in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, both began producing flexible abrasives. Subsequently, in 1923, the partnership between Swiss Industial Abrasives and Biffignandi was formalised, kicking off what was to be a long journey in the abrasives industry.

In the years that followed, the company focused more and more on the automotive sector, beginning to distribute sia abrasives to the Italian market; in a historical period of strong economic expansion, the company became increasingly prosperous and began to sow the seeds for expansion in the years to come. Many insights came from sia abrasives that helped establish the Biffignandi family business in the Italian market, for example the invention of waterproof abrasive paper.

In the 1980s, Alberto Biffignandi began his adventure in the company after training at the Swiss headquarters, and at the same time the first Biffignandi office was opened, first in Vigevano and then in Cassolnovo, where it still is today. Right from the start Alberto invested in a proactive and innovative commercial policy, which would lead the company to develop into an international group made up of several companies specialised in improving surface finishing.

In the years to come, a series of partnerships and new companies were born.

In May 2023, an evening was held to celebrate 100 years of collaboration between Biffignandi and sia Abrasives. 100 years means commitment, perseverance and determination, 100 years of people, faces and stories that make the work unique, an everyday life made up of the gestures of those who choose the brand for their work. A group that looks to the future without forgetting the past and its origins, with one great goal: to improve the world of surface finishing.

Today, Biffignandi group, is positioned in the Italian market as a national reference for the transformation and distribution of flexible abrasives.

The company is engaged in development and expansion projects both nationally and internationally by aggregating into a corporate group “Biffignandi Group” several companies and divisions, each one innovative in its reference market, united by the development of technologies, equipment and systems for surface treatment.

Biffignandi Group'pills


Begins the partnership between biffignandi spa and sia Abrasives, Swiss company specialized in abrasives. Biffignandi acquires an important role in the italian market.


Biffignandi starts the coated abrasives conversion.


Inside the Group, biffignandi spa establishes Vetrocare Srl, specialized company in technologies for the maintenance and care of glass.


Kunzle&Tasin Srl, a worldwide leader in wooden floor machines and equipment for floor treatment, is acquired from biffignandi spa. In the same year the R&D project starts.


Biffignandi Group is born to connect different companies sharing a common goal: to improve the world of surface finishing.


The creation of a new division, Precision Polishing, specialized in micro and superfinishing sector with innovative and structured microabrasives, leads to an important partnership with the Japanese group Mipox, leader in micro finishing in electronic markets.


By signing an exclusive national resale agreement with Bona AB, Biffignandi spa becomes the sole right italian distributor of products for installation and maintenance of parquet.


HPM Engineering srl, a leading developer of systems and professional equipment for environmental protection, workers' safety, health and productivity, becomes part of Biffignandi Group.


Kunzle & Tasin acquires the operative business unit of Menghini & Bonfanti, historical international manufacturer of stone and marble floors grinding machines.